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Limitations of ISEB / ISTQB Software Testing

Software testing, especially testing which closely follows ISEB and ISTQB best practices, is absolutely necessary in this day and age. However, despite its necessity, software testing does have some limitations that are important to be cognizant of.... read more

Weekly Software Bug Roundup

As you may or may not know, I like to keep an eye on the news in order to communicate examples of why software testing is so important. As such, below are some of the more prominent glitches that I’ve come across in recent days.... read more

Best Practices for Writing Software Testing Test Cases

Test cases can dramatically impact the overall success of any testing process, so it is very important to follow best practices when writing them. Spending a little more time and effort upfront to get these right will pay huge dividends down the road in terms of a much more effective and efficient testing effort.... read more

The Barriers to Software Testing Automation

The concept of software testing automation is a hot topic right now, and every company understands the benefits of automation. However, there are still plenty of organizations around the globe that have not taken the automation plunge. This begs the question of why.... read more

ISTQB Software Testing 101: Integration Testing

One of the concepts that must be learned if you are preparing to earn your ISEB or ISTQB software testing certification is integration testing. This is a logical expansion of unit testing and involves the act of combining individual software modules together so they can be tested as a group. ... read more

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