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What level of code coverage should my tests cover?

Getting the balance of code coverage right for your tests is important. If you test too much – the level of effort required to implement the tests outweighs the return on investment. If you test too little – you leave your product at risk of too many undetected flaws at release. There are some good rules... read more

Advantages of earning ISTQB and ISEB certifications

Advantages of earning ISTQB and ISEB certifications Before enrolling to an ISTQB or ISEB certification, it is important to understand the advantages of earning it. Both these certifications offer a Foundation-level at the start. After passing the Foundation-level exam, you can move into one of the different certification paths, i.e. ISEB or ISTQB Advanced-level certifications. ISEB... read more

Can ISTQB Certification Really Help Your Career?

Earning an ISTQB certification can clearly help advance your career. It helps on 2 fronts: getting your foot in the door, and then enabling more opportunity for upward mobility once there.... read more

The 7 Key Principles of the ISEB/ISTQB Foundation Level Exam

There are 7 core software testing principles at the heart of the ISEB / ISTQB Foundation (CTFL) certification level. Understanding these 7 key principles is critical to pass your Foundation level exam.... read more

Overview of ISEB and ISTQB Company Licenses

Here at, we cater to individual students as well as companies both large and small. Here is an overview of our ISEB and ISTQB company-wide license schemes.... read more

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