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3 Must-Have Software Testing Automation Tools

For today’s post I thought I would deviate away from ISEB and ISTQB certifications and instead discuss some of the more popular software testing automation tools out there.  With more and more software programs hitting the market, the automation of software testing processes has become extremely important.  Obviously there are hundreds of these types of tools in the market today and I don’t claim to be any kind of expert, but I did do a little research and 3 automation tools in particular seem worthy of attention.

The first one is the Oracle Enterprise Manager.  Oracle has been a leading IT company for decades, and its products are highly reputable across the industry.  The company’s Enterprise Manager is designed for enterprise applications, and it offers organizations more control over IT resources.  The tool offers rigorous testing processes that promote simplified test management and enhanced efficiency.    

Next is Testing Anywhere.  This tool offers 5 different ways to automate using SMART technology, and has many advanced reporting features.  The company claims that the tool can help reduce the amount of time it takes to test software programs by as much as 60%.   

The third one worth mentioning is QA Wizard Pro.  This is a testing tool specifically designed to automate both functional testing and load testing.  It was created by Seapine Software, which is a leading provider of product development software for IT organizations globally.  The company offers many different “intelligent” technology tools, yet QA Wizard Pro 2011 is their top-ranked and best-selling product. 

While there are others that would make the top-10 list, such as SmarteSoft and AppLabs, the 3 mentioned here seem to be the consensus choice as the top three.  If you are in the market for automated testing tools, browse through the price plans and features of each provider, and choose the one that will suit your organizational needs the best.


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