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5 Trends in Software Testing for 2011

I read an interesting article today that focused on the top software testing trends for 2011 and beyond.  I thought it was good information so I will summarize the article in this post. 

Trend #1: Testing on Cloud.  Cloud architecture is where applications and resources are provisioned on-demand as a shared resource.  In the past, IT departments would have to buy incremental server capacity for deployment into their test environments.  Obviously this is not ideal because it is expensive and inflexible.  But with Cloud, IT managers can now access the server capacity they need in an on-demand manner. 

Trend #2: Agile Testing.  Agile testing came to the forefront about a decade ago to replace more rigid methodologies like waterfalls.  Agile testing brings the development and testing processes closer together for a more holistic view.  The technique is more flexible, responsive and adaptive because quality is measured from the end-user’s perspective as opposed to the degree to which rigid test procedures are satisfied.  There are many variations of agile testing, some of which are hybrid models that incorporate the best aspects of more traditional methodologies. 

Trend #3: Increased Access to Information.  Software testers need information to effectively do their jobs, but in the past very little information tended to pass their way.  Luckily, this is changing.  Organizations are finally beginning to realize that information is the fuel that makes the software testing engine go, and as such they are making a better effort to keep testers in the communication loop.

Trend #4: Better Skilled Testers.  Testers need to be strong in both technical skills as well as industry & business insight.  For example, they need to be aware of the various testing techniques and automation tools available, have good analytical skills, and have a good understanding of the nuts and bolts of business solutions and requirements.  Thus, a higher level of education, as well as certifications such as ISEB and ISTQB, will be desired more and more going forward.

Trend #5: Testing Automation & Asset Reusability.  Companies are more focused than ever on automation tools to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the testing process.  The goal is to reduce costs and increase speed to market.  Additionally, companies are increasingly trying to reuse at least 50% of their testing assets by investing in new technologies designed to accomplish this.


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