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Choosing Your Outsourced Software Testing Provider

In a previous post I discussed software testing outsourcing, which like pretty much everything else in life has both pros and cons.  Thus, I won’t rehash the advantages and disadvantages here.  Instead, the aim of this post is to discuss some of the things that must be provided by any good and reputable software testing vendor. 

First, you should require that the vendor of choice has experience in your industry.  Having some knowledge of the industry will enable more accurate results.  Additionally, it’s always a good idea to make sure that the testers have at least 3-5 years of actual testing experience. 

Second, the people who will be performing the actual testing should be ISEB or ISTQB certified.  At a minimum, they should have their ISEB Foundation or ISTQB Foundation certification, but it would be even better if they held one or more ISTQB Advanced certifications. 

Third, you will want to ensure that there are no communication barriers between your organization and the vendor.  Thus, if English is your primary language but your vendor’s testers are from India, you can expect language barriers as well as issues regarding time differences. In this scenario, it would be better for all parties involved to go with a vendor located in a predominately English-speaking country.

Finally, you should look for a vendor that can perform the full gamut of software testing services for your company.  This includes creating the test cases themselves, delivering frequent status updates, logging results, and executing a wide range of specific types of testing activities such as system testing, regression testing, functional testing, usability testing, acceptance testing, exploratory testing, etc. 

In the final analysis, if your company is looking to hire a software testing vendor, look for one with English-speaking employees that have experience in your industry, that have one or more software testing certifications, and that have solid testing experience in general.  Also look for a full service vendor that can perform all aspects of software testing for you.  Follow these tips and your outsourcing venture is sure to be a smashing success!


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