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More on Cloud Computing

In a previous post I described what cloud computing is and how it relates to ISEB and ISTQB software testing techniques.  Now it’s time to add a little more meat to the conversation, as the sheer hype associated with cloud computing is currently through the roof.  For example, Gartner, a well respected technology research firm, expects the number of companies using could computing to increase by a whopping 43% over the next 5 years!

Cloud computing, also known as on-demand computing, promises cost savings and enhanced productivity.  However, not all organizations may benefit from the technology, and its deployment can be complex so it requires careful consideration. 

One thing to consider is the cost/benefit analysis of rolling the technology out.  A good idea is for the decision-maker to do a side-by-side comparison of cloud and non-cloud solutions to see if launching a new technology makes sense.  For example, if the deployment costs are high but the incremental benefits are low, it might be a good idea to pass for now.  Similarly, make sure the deployment will benefit the organization as a whole, not just the IT department.

Another thing to consider is data security.  With cloud computing, data will actually reside on the cloud and as such will be less secure by default.  The sensitivity of the data will determine whether this is an acceptable risk or not.

Finally, make sure you can find the right vendor, one that offers an end-to-end solution, excellent customer service, well-defined service-level agreements, etc.  Adding a new cloud vendor to the business adds another set of tasks in terms of the management and integration of the vendor, so having a total solution provider is critical.  Similarly, make sure system redundancy is built in, and that the vendor will be able to put the system back online if it crashes.  As with anything, the right vendor will make or break the experience.


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