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Software Testing on Mobile Apps

Last week I wrote about software testing for websites, which has some distinct elements compared to traditional ISEB or ISTQB advanced software testing practices.  Now I will take it to another level and discuss the concept of testing mobile phone apps such as those involving the iPhone.  These apps encompass such things as games, advanced functionalities, social networking platforms, financial transactions, etc.  Testing these things is important, as our cell phones are becoming increasingly functional each and every year.

Obviously the goal of this type of testing is to make sure the application performs as expected across a variety of different carriers, geographic locations, phones, and even languages.  This can be a challenge because there are many, many possible input variables for these items.  Therefore it is important that each app is tested on a finite, previously-defined set of devices, carriers and locations.

Some examples of specific items to test might include the virtual keypad, single and multiple touch inputs, and track balls.  Examples of specific testing techniques include exploratory testing (to identify defects), navigational testing (to test links, menus, etc.), negative testing (to see how the app performs when used inappropriately), usability testing (to make sure the app is user-friendly), network testing (to test interconnectivity), and aesthetics testing (evaluation of graphics, colors, etc.). 

As you can see, there is more to this type of testing than might be apparent at first glance.  I have really only scraped the surface on this topic because I am certainly no expert, and including tons of detail is beyond the scope of this post.  But if you want to learn the nitty-gritty of this type of testing, I would encourage you to do your own independent research.  And if you think you’d like to outsource this process for your company, here is a good provider:


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