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Weekly Software Testing Bug Roundup

If you need more proof of the necessity of software testing, all you have to do is keep up to date on current events.  Sooner or later, you will run into news stories that deal with software testing bugs of some sort.  In fact, I just stumbled upon a couple of real world examples of software testing gone wrong.

One example relates to the “green card lottery” in the US which started in 1994.  This is a lottery that determines which would-be immigrants are allowed to enter the US for that particular year (the annual quota is 50,000 people).  For the 2012 selection, almost 20 million people applied and of those nearly 100,000 people were chosen for the short list.

Unfortunately, thanks to a computer glitch, these results were deemed to be unfair and were wiped away.  The reason is that federal law requires a “fair and random” choice, but 90% of the selected people were chosen on the first 2 days of the 30-day registration period and thus the results were invalidated.   Yikes, talk about getting the rug pulled out from under you!  You can read the full story here.

The second example of a recent bug happened at a gas station in California.  Apparently the software system had a defect that choked on the pricing algorithm.  The unfortunate result for the owner of the gas station was that he sold 8,000 gallons of gas for a paltry $1.10 per gallon!  All told, he lost $21K.

Examples like these pop up all the time, and as they do I will write about them for your sheer enjoyment!  It is situations like these that really make you appreciate the value and necessity of ISEB and ISTQB training, as well as software testing in general.  Until next time, happy testing!


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