Advantages of earning ISTQB and ISEB certifications

Advantages of earning ISTQB and ISEB certifications

Before enrolling to an ISTQB or ISEB certification, it is important to understand the advantages of earning it. Both these certifications offer a Foundation-level at the start. After passing the Foundation-level exam, you can move into one of the different certification paths, i.e. ISEB or ISTQB Advanced-level certifications. ISEB is an appropriate certification for the residents of UK, whereas ISTQB is appropriate for nonresidents of UK. You can go on and get an Advanced-level ISTQB or ISEB certification; however, even a Foundation-level certification offers great advantages. Let us discuss some of the legitimate advantages of earning ISTQB and ISEB certifications.

1. Advancement of Career

Once you earn the Foundation-level certification, your career in software testing field progresses in a positive direction. I am saying “positive direction”, because the ISTQB or ISEB accreditation is accepted by the global community, which validates a high-level of expertise, personal ambition, and professional acumen. If you hold an ISTQB or ISEB certification, then you are preferred more than the non-certified individuals during hiring as well as promotion processes.

2. Improvement in work efficiency

Being a certified-professional, your software testing skills get improved, which lead to greater accuracy and efficiency. You start following best practices of software testing, which allow you to accomplish associated tasks with greater precision and speed. You become a smart worker rather than a hard worker.

3. Personal Accomplishment

The ultimate advantage is that you feel yourself a worth, and the achiever. Earning a Foundation-level certification is a great personal accomplishment. The magnitude of advantages increases with subsequent ISTQB or ISEB certifications. However, you will get excellent career opportunities and personal satisfaction even with a Foundation-level certification.


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