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Goldmine of ISEB & ISTQB Software Testing Resources

One of my colleagues shared with me the other day a tremendous resource for all things software testing.  It’s actually provided by Rex Black Consulting Services, and chances are if you are ISTQB or ISEB certified you know who Rex Black is.  You can check out the library of resources he put together here.

The library offers educational materials in a variety of formats, such as articles & publications, slideshow presentations, templates, case studies, spreadsheet models, webinars, and more.  I think the spreadsheet models in particular are useful, as you generally don’t find too much of this type of information available for free online.  Some of the specific spreadsheet models include risk analysis, budgeting, test estimation, test planning, and tracking, to name a few.  Also of interest are the templates, which include variations for test planning, documenting the test process, team building, test cases, and change-management.

So if you are currently preparing to earn a software testing certification, especially the ISEB / ISTQB Foundation (CTFL) certification, I would strongly encourage you to take a look at some of these great resources.  Doing so should definitely help to jumpstart your studies, and as such you will definitely be well ahead of the game.


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