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ISEB & ISTQB Distance Learning: How Did We Get Here?

Here at, we specialize in ISEB and ISTQB distance learning courses, such as ISEB Foundation, ISEB Intermediate, ISTQB Foundation / CTFL, and ISTQB Advanced level certification self-study training courses. Although the concept of “distance learning” seems second-nature at this point, it is interesting to consider that it is a relatively recent phenomenon – the distance learning we know today only came into play approximately 20 years ago. Let’s go back in time and take a quick look at the history of it all…

First, allow me to directly contradict what I said in the previous paragraph. Although distance learning started to become mainstream in the late 1980’s, the seeds of it were planted way back in the 1960’s when some beaker-heads from the University of Illinois created a virtual classroom by linking together a network of computer terminals. Students could access shared information, and listen to lectures through various forms of audio technology.

Other universities slowly started using similar technologies, and some 15 years later hundreds of colleges started posting classroom resources on shared computer networks accessible to the student population. Concurrently, corporations began adopting many of the same concepts for the purposes of sharing information.

Finally, correspondence schools – where classroom training and evaluation happened through the postal system – began using the technologies more and more. With the emergence of the Internet, it was only a matter of time before distance learning as we know it today would blossom. And it was a correspondence school, The University of Phoenix, which led the online charge beginning in 1989. Four years later, the first accredited university went online (Jones International University).

Finally, the early 1990’s saw the deployment of the Mosaic web interface, and it was this graphical interface that ultimately enabled the deployment of online courses at thousands of “traditional” universities all over the world. Now, it is truly possible to graduate with your desired degree without ever going to a campus.

Thanks to these historical developments, we now have thousands of distance learning entities all over the Internet, including ISEB and ISTQB training specialists such as From ISEB Foundation to ISEB Intermediate, ISTQB Foundation / CTFL to ISTQB Advanced, you can rest assured that you will pass your exam using our training packages. Just think about how much more difficult it would be to prepare for your exam without the previous generation’s technological developments around distance learning!

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