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More on the ISEB & ISTQB Software Testing Certification Merger

This blog post is a follow-up to the prior post that discussed the future of ISEB and ISTQB software testing certifications in light of the recent BCS & UKTB announcement to essentially merge the ISEB certification path into ISTQB.  The primary benefit of this decision is that it simplifies the certification process by providing a single software testing certification path.  This will make the certification process less confusing, as well as more effective by enabling a unified vocabulary and set of standards globally.

The actual press release can be viewed here.

Since I wrote that post a couple weeks ago, we’ve been pounded with questions.  Although the announcement is a positive development, many people are confused about what it all means, which is easy to understand given that the details behind the upcoming changes have not yet been worked out.  In fact, we here at also do not have a clear sense of the specifics, we can only make educated guesses at this point. 

It is already known that the ISEB and ISTQB certifications are merged at the ISTQB Foundation / CTFL level.  Much of the uncertainty relates to the subsequent certifications, such as the 3 modules encompassing the ISTQB Advanced level.  For example, it is not known whether people who have already earned their ISEB Intermediate or ISEB Practitioner certification will automatically receive some yet-to-be created equivalent certification, or if they would receive “credit” toward the ISTQB Advanced certification (which is the one immediately after the ISTQB Foundation / CTFL exam).  There has been no official or even informal communication regarding how this will all play out.

We expect more details to come out very soon.  In the meantime, be cautious regarding post-ISEB Foundation certifications.  If you have already earned your ISEB Foundation / ISTQB Foundation / CTFL certification and are considering earning your ISEB Intermediate and/or ISEB Practitioner certification, it probably makes sense to hold off until the future structure has been defined.  That said, if you are already moving toward earning your ISTQB Advanced level certification, there is nothing in this announcement that should change your direction.


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