Overview of ISEB and ISTQB Company Licenses

Here at UniversalExams.com, we cater to individual students as well as companies both large and small.  Our prior blog posts have focused mainly on packages for individuals, so I thought I would switch gears for this week’s post and discuss our company-wide license schemes. 

Our company-wide licenses are very popular at the moment, as they potentially allow everyone in the company to be trained for pretty much the cost of sending one employee to an instructor-led course.  We offer corporate licenses for all UniversalExams.com self-study training courses – ISEB Foundation, ISEB Intermediate, ISEB Practitioner, ISTQB Foundation (CTFL), and ISTQB Advanced

Our company-wide licenses are £1000 per course.  Everything listed on each product’s description page is included, and there is no limit to the number of users.  Additionally, our licenses are granted on a perpetuity basis, meaning that they never expire.  Finally, the purchasing company will receive any future updates for the lifetime of the product.

Company licenses cannot be purchased directly from the website because we have found that purchasing companies often require special documentation to authorize payment (such as a purchase order), the provision of which does not lend itself to a traditional “buy now” button.  Therefore, any company interested in purchasing one of our licenses must first enquire via email or telephone, at which point an invoice will be generated and emailed to the buyer.  In terms of specific payment options, we can accept a direct payment via credit card, PayPal, company cheque, or even wire transfer.

For a company-wide license, we normally provide the product on a CD set to allow for easy distribution throughout the entire company.  We can also email the course contents if that is preferred (special provisions are made for audio files due to their large size).  Once received by the purchasing company, the ideal distribution method is to upload the course onto the company Intranet to allow easy access throughout the entire workforce. 

In the final analysis, company licenses from UniversalExams.com are excellent options for companies with at least 5 employees requiring training.  Whether it’s the ISEB Foundation, ISEB Intermediate, ISEB Practitioner, ISTQB Foundation (CTFL), of any ISTQB Advanced module, purchasing a company license is definitely a great way for companies to get the maximum “bang for their buck.”


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