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Preview of Things to Come at UniversalExams

As you may or may not know, the ISEB and ISTQB software testing certification industry is currently in a state of flux.  The recent announcement that the ISEB certification chain is essentially merging with ISTQB in March 2011 has left many industry providers preparing for change.   Adding to the relative uncertainty is that no formal details have been announced regarding how exactly this will happen.  You can check out our blog posts below for more information on the inevitable changes heading our way.

Beyond that, is about to undertake some change as well.  The difference is, we know EXACTLY how it will all play out, and the purpose of this post is to give you a sneak-peek into the enhancements we are planning. 

Firstly, we are going to be redesigning our site.  The plan is to update the look and feel of the site, and to make the navigational structure more intuitive and user-friendly.  The new design will allow you to access any and all of our ISEB (ISEB Foundation, ISEB Intermediate, etc.) or ISTQB (ISTQB CTFL, ISTQB Advanced, etc.) self-study training courses from any page on the site. 

An additional enhancement to the site itself is that we will be adding an area for prospective customers to actually download sample ISEB and ISTQB study materials.  The idea is that conversion rates will increase simply by virtue of the fact that people will be able to see firsthand the top-notch quality of the materials.  We will also be adding direct links to our customers’ testimonials and the support forum, as well as a site-wide search tool.

We are also going to be enhancing our product line in preparation for the upcoming certification changes.  Part of this will involve splitting out the ISTQB Advanced course into the 3 modules, each of which can be purchased separately.  We will still offer the current ISTQB Advanced package with all 3 modules as a bundle. 

Finally, we are improving our pass guarantee!  Although our current guarantee is extremely competitive, we want ours to be the absolute best.  Yes, that is how much confidence we have in our products!  Although I cannot yet make the specifics public, suffice it to say that our pass guarantee will be the BEST in the entire industry.

The timetable for all of these changes is the end of July 2010.  Overall, we are extremely excited about the upcoming enhancements, and I am sure you will be too.  We will keep you posted on the blog, so check back often for new updates.


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