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Software Testing Career Paths

ISTQB and ISEB certification opens a wide range of career opportunities for the aspirant software testers.  BCS presents a career path, called as Software Testing Career Path, which illustrates your potential growth in software testing industry.  It makes you realize the significance of certification as well as experience. On the basis of experience, the SFIAplus level and membership of the institute are upgraded, which allows to maintain a high level alignment. It makes you familiar with the characteristics and development needs at each level of your journey to becoming an ace software tester.

SFIAplus Level-1: Your membership starts as an Associate, where you can review SFIAplus before enrolling for a specific certification. Once you enrol for a specific certification, you reach to level-2 of SFIAplus, and your career starts here.

SFIAplus level-2: At this level, you execute tests and generate associated reports. You act as a test analyst. You need to demonstrate the management of defects and competence with the use of test tools and organisational practices. With 1-2 years of experience, you reach to level-3 of SFIAplus and become a Professional member.

SFIAplus level-3: Here, you do the creation, execution and analysis of tests from requirements. Additionally, you have to train newcomer testers. You act as a senior test analyst at this level. With 3-4 years of experience, you reach to level-4 of SFIAplus.

SFIAplus level-4: Here, you do the definition and documentation of test strategies and associated processes. Additionally, you have to manage a small team of testers. At this level, you need to undertake important test strategies, lead bigger test teams, and improve test capability of your organisation. You act as a senior system test analyst. With 4-7 years of experience, you reach to level-5 of SFIAplus.

SFIAplus level-5: At this level, you manage a test function or a team of testers on a complex project. You act as a test manager. You need to have an in-depth knowledge of testing. You need to undertake advanced authority and responsibility, such as management of a test centre. With 6-10 years of experience, you reach to level-6 of SFIAplus and become a Chartered Professional member.

SFIAplus level-6: Here, you do manage the testing on an important project. You act as a test consultant or test centre manager. With more than 10 years of experience, you reach to level-7 of SFIAplus and become a Fellow member.

SFIAplus level-7: At this level, you grow as a business manager and strategic planner.

While moving along a specific career path, you may change your career’s direction. You can shift to and from these three possibilities: solution development, business analysis, and IT service management.


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