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The Required Sequence of ISEB Certifications

If you are curious about the sequence of the ISEB certification process, you have come to the right place.  The BCS requires that certifications be obtained in a specific order, starting with the Foundation level, then moving to the Intermediate level, and finally the Practitioner level (which itself consists of 2 distinct modules).

The ISEB Foundation level is a prerequisite to all other levels and as such must be first in line.  This level of software testing certification lays out the basic groundwork around processes, standards, and tactics.  Think of it as “software testing 101.”

This level is unique compared to all other ISEB levels because earning your ISEB Foundation certification provides “dual certification” with the ISTQB.  You see, in the past, both certifications were managed separately and followed similar but different syllabi.

However, this did not make much sense because both are nearly identical; the only difference was that people in the UK called it ‘ISEB Foundation’ where as people in all other countries called it “ISTQB Foundation.”  Thankfully, the respective governing boards came to their senses and decided to merge the 2 syllabi into a single syllabus that provides certification in both.

After the Foundation level is the ISEB Intermediate level, which hammers home the practical utilization of the largely theoretical Foundation level information.  The Intermediate exam consists of scenario questions for this very reason.

After the ISEB Intermediate level, candidates can take one or both of the ISEB Practitioner level exams.  The ‘Test Management’ certification deals with software testing management, whereas the ‘Test Analysis’ accreditation focuses on the technical side.  If you are looking for career advancement in the software testing industry, you ought to earn both certifications. 

There you have it – Foundation first, Intermediate second and Practitioner third.  To prepare for each exam, check out our comprehensive self-study training packages.  They provide everything you need to know and are 100% guaranteed to help you pass your exam.  Good luck!


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