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Why Should YOU Get Certified?

Today’s blog post focuses on the most basic of questions: why should you earn your ISEB or ISTQB certification?  My previous posts dealt primarily with the “how,” but now it is time to go all the way back to square-one and discuss the “why.”

As you probably know, the first software testing certification level is the ISEB Foundation / ISTQB Foundation (this is the one and only level that offers dual certification in both the ISEB and ISTQB).  After the Foundation level you could go on to earn your ISEB Intermediate, ISEB Practitioner, or ISTQB Advanced certifications.  However, while many people choose to go on and earn their advanced-level certifications, just earning your ISTQB / ISEB Foundation level accreditation offers tremendous benefits.

The first and most obvious benefit is that it will help advance your career.  The ISEB / ISTQB Foundation level certification is universally accepted, and demonstrates a high degree of knowledge, professional competency, and ambition.  Thus, employment candidates holding this certification are viewed in a more favorable light than their non-certified counterparts, which provides them with a distinct advantage throughout the hiring process. 

The second benefit is that your software testing skills will be honed in a way that improves efficiency and accuracy.  By following software testing “best practices,” you should be able to accomplish related tasks with greater speed and precision, which means that you will be able to get more accomplished in a shorter period of time. 

This is akin to the age-old debate of working hard versus working smart.  By leveraging the skills acquired during the certification process, you will get your job done faster so you won’t feel like you must kill yourself day in and day out to accomplish your “to do” list.  The quality of your work life will be better and you’ll be better equipped to avoid job-burnout.

Last but not least, the third main benefit is an increased sense of self-worth and achievement.  Of course this benefit may not appeal to everyone, but for those with a strong internal desire for constant self-improvement, earning your ISEB Foundation certification is a fantastic personal achievement. 

Of course, all of these benefits increase in magnitude to the extent you are willing and able to earn subsequent ISEB or ISTQB certifications.  For ISEB, the next level is the ISEB Intermediate followed by the two ISEB Practitioner accreditations.  For ISTQB, the next level after the ISTQB Foundation exam encompasses the 3 modules of the ISTQB Advanced level certification.  But again, even if you earn only your Foundation level certification, you will still enjoy excellent career, efficiency, and personal satisfaction benefits over your non-certified colleagues.


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