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Update on the ISTQB Expert Level (CTEL)

The ISTQB Expert level (CTEL) is coming.  At least, that is what I’m told!  In the past year the ISTQB has made very little progress on finalizing this certification level. plans to offer an expert-level self study training package, but until the ISTQB gets their act together we are in a holding pattern.

The ISTQB Expert certification follows the ISTQB Foundation (or ISEB Foundation) and ISTQB Advanced (or ISEB Practitioner) certifications, and in theory will allow candidates to develop a high level of expertise on very specific subjects related to software testing.  Like the Advanced level, CTEL will encompass several modules to allow students to choose which subject they will specialize in. Each module will have its own syllabus and essay-based exam.

Unfortunately the ISTQB has still not finalized this modular structure, but I am told that the modules will partially follow subject areas discussed in the Advanced level syllabus, and will be linked to specific software testing roles such as test analyst, test director, etc.  So far 6 modules have been mentioned: Test / risk management, testing design, security testing, static testing, automation tools, and process enhancement.

The hope is that the Expert level accreditation will be available sometime this year, but so far no definitive timetable has been given.  So please check back often for updates.  In the meantime, you can view the draft ISTQB Expert syllabus here.


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